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Hello and welcome to “Janethedoglady”.
I share my home with my family and a variety of rescued animals.  
Imagine coming home from work to a stress free environment. The dog has been walked, the rabbit cleaned out and they are all eagerly awaiting your return. The difference being that you can actually enjoy them rather than dashing round trying to get everything done before it gets dark.

I run a  very flexible dog walking service designed to suit you, my customer on either a regular or “one off” basis.   I am also able to assist with any other domestic pet requirements being feeding, cleaning out or vet journeys.  My motto is “if I can help I will”. If you have to work late and can’t get back to sort your animals out a quick text is all that is required.

I am CRB checked and have insurance.

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If you would like me to contact you please fill in the form below and I will give you a ring. I look forward to meeting you and your pets soon.
Jane Macswayne 07840-243374

From a very early age I have collected and nurtured any unwanted animals. This has enabled me to develop a wide range of knowledge on almost every domestic pet.  
I have a natural afinity with animals and can assist you in looking after your own pets.
Also, for all your cat care needs go to: